Honka is the world leader in producing log houses with the main office in Finland. The history of Honka turnes back to the mid 50s. Today Honka has their offices in 30 countries in the world. Name of the company became the symbol of the modern comfortable country house. Their high quality and standards because of the quality control and investments into the new technology made this company very famous in the whole world. Almost 70 thousand families in 50 countries in the world chose HONKA to make their dreams about the country house come true.

FINMA- is the consulting agency, which provides russian clients the support and consults in the questions of the purchasing and constructing houses on the territory of Finland.

Ski resorts and other holiday resorts is the main developing direction of the Honka company. FINMA is selling HONKA country houses on famous ski resorts in Finland; Posio, Salla, Suomu.

The incredible scenery and fell nature open up in front of you in Salla. The uniqueness of Honka Ski Village Salla is best experienced when you find your way to the top of a fell. Professional alpinists from both Finland and abroad use Salla's challenging racing slope to hone their skills. Finland's number one skier claims that it is the best slope you can find in Finland. We have no reason to doubt him, since Salla regularly hosts international racing events, including official European Cup races and speed skiing world cup events.

 Posio- ski resort which situated in the 50 minutes from the airport Kuusamo. Posio has snow covered terrain starting on average in October - November through to mid-May, which means that Posio can offer up to 200 days of winter conditions every year. Ski Village Posio at Kirintövaara has a cross-country skiing centre and downhill skiing slopes. Kirintövaara also conforms to the requirements of competition skiers for using as a year-round practice ground. You can get the best plots with a fantastic views just next to the skiing hill.

Suomu - the Arctic Circle Ski resort - boasts some of the very best downhill slopes in Finland. The Finnish alpine racing team is practicing on those slopes, so the maintenance crew will be grooming the area extra well. Come along to enjoy the best of Finnish skiing and pick up some tips from the competitors. Kemijärvi town is now planning, together with Honkarakenne, new holiday properties in Suomu area, The Ski Village Suomu.

More information about HONKA Ski Villages in Posio, Salla and Suomu you can find if you move by the links:

HONKA, Finland, Helsinki
Anders Gadd, Honkarakenne Oyj, 0400 - 520 540, anders.gadd@honka.com

FINMA, Russia, St.Petersburg
Ekaterina Plyasova, Ushakovskaya nab., 5, Business Centre ”President”, office 601
e-mail: info@finma.ru, ph. : +7 (812) 928 18 01

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